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Rent car Transport Tour Yogyakarta Borobudur Bromo Bali

Tour Yogyakarta Borobudur Bromo Bali with Java Transport
Java Transport is tour operator and  a rent car /car hire and transport company in Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta that provide all deluxe vehicles in Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta for your comfortable business trip or for leisure purpose. We offer the reasonable price and depend on the freedom of the cliensts interests. We provide the overland tours or day trip in Yogyakarta or from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Borobudur,Solo, Prambanan, Bromo, Ijen crater, Bali based on your tailor made design or via our arrangement to make your trip more comfortable. We provides all experienced and skillful driver who know the field of tourism in Java and Bali with a lot of patient and friendly characters and could match your time schedules.

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Java Transport  could assist you in designing and giving tours advise to organize your tours in Java including Jakarta tour,Yogyakarta tour, Borobudur sunrise tour,Bromo tour,Ijen tour,Sukamade tour and Bali tour or Java Bali overland tour packages as on your request .The more we recognize your trips plan the better your holiday would be.
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About Borobudur Temple

This temple is located almost 100 km southwest of Semarang and 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta. This temple was built by the followers of Mahayana Buddhism around the year 800 Ad during the reign of the dynasty Syailendra. In Chinese, this temple is also called Hanyu Pinyin or Po Luo fu tu in Mandarin.

Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles revealed the existence of Borobudur in 1814. He found the temple is in a dormant state and ordered the area to be cleaned from the surrounding bush and subsequently conducted a recognize on the state of the temple.

This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha stupas in it area. The height was 42 meters before reparation and 34.5 meters after the reparation because the lowest level is used as a drag. Six lowest level have quadrate shaped, three levels above it have circle shape and one on the highest levels is a Buddha stupa facing west. Each level represents the stages of human life. In accordance of Mahayana Buddhism, every man who wants to reach the level of Buddha had to straight through those level of life.
The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizing human beings that are still bound by lust. Four levels above it referred Rupadhatu symbolizes man who had been able to break free from lust but still bound to manner and form. On this terrace, Buddha statues are located in open space. Meanwhile, on three levels above it the Buddha statues are located in a stupa with holes around it.

Arupadhatu, symbolizing man who has been free from lust, appearance, form, and shape. The top part is called Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing.

Borobudur temple is all the time crowded with visitors and became the center of Buddhist worship. Specially in celebration of the feast of Vesak, the Borobudur Temple became a place to worship Buddha. At night during the celebration of Vesak, particularly during the peak of full moon, Buddhists gathered around the Borobudur Temple with candles.

Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta tour packages covers enjoying the Borobudur tour in Central Java, Sultan Palace in the Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta tour or you can also visit Prambanan tour, Merapi Volcano tour with Java Transport Indonesia